Supplier Database

Centralise and speed up your supplier database management

Get a complete overview of your suppliers - including contact details, purchase orders, and the amount of money you owe them. Using our supplier management system means everything is in one place; you'll never waste time tracking down paper documents and supplier information again.

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Supplier database management software

A complete database

Access all the necessary information from each of your suppliers with a few painless clicks. Commusoft stores a list of all your suppliers and the necessary documents right alongside them.

Access preferred suppliers

With Commusoft’s supplier relationship management software, you can pin your favourite suppliers to the supplier tab. This makes it easy to go back and retrieve essential information.

Submit PO's in moments

With contact details stored in your supplier database, you can create and send new purchase orders through your job management software in just a few minutes

Supplier database functions

  • Pin your favourite suppliers
  • Quickly retrieve contact info
  • See expense records and invoices
  • Add new purchase orders
  • View communication history
  • Request updated prices
Supplier database

Immediately access everything you need for each supplier

See everything you need from your suppliers in a single click. This includes contact details, notes, files, purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, and returns—all from one page. For a convenient overview, you can add preferred suppliers to the visual dashboard where you can quickly check upcoming and overdue payments, helping you stay on top of your finances.

Supplier communications log

View your correspondence

All communications with suppliers can be viewed right alongside their profile. Sent emails, printed documents, and call logs are all available in the notes section. Whenever you need to look for information or obtain a “paper-trail” for a dispute, you can navigate back through the exact communication history. There you will find everything organised by date and fully searchable.

Supplier dashboard

Personalise your dashboard

Your supplier dashboard is ideal to grab an update for upcoming payments or for quick access to add a purchase order, invoice, or payment. Commusoft’s easy-to-use system makes it simple to add new suppliers and pin any preferred suppliers to the dashboard. You can even add your own credit terms so the software knows when your payments are overdue.

Easily manage your supplier database with Commusoft

Purchase order creation

Create quick and easy POs

You can raise new purchase orders (PO) in seconds with your supplier database management software. Simply navigate to your chosen supplier and click ‘new PO’. With a parts management database set up, it’s a simple case of searching and selecting the correct parts to add to the purchase order. Afterwards, Commusoft will generate a branded PO and send it directly to your supplier.

Supplier pricing portal

Get updated parts prices through the supplier portal

When creating an estimate, you can request prices from your suppliers for any number of parts or items. Your supplier will receive this email request with a link to the supplier portal. There, they update the price of each item, ensuring your estimate has up-to-date and accurate prices. This new price will update your records and the prices on the quote.

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