Oil Certificates

Simple digital oil certificates for field service businesses

Your oil certificates need to be perfect, but filling each field in by hand is time-consuming work. Even harder is keeping all your documents safe and in tip-top condition. With Commusoft’s mobile app, you can create digital oil certificates in minutes, which are then safely stored online in the cloud.

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Say goodbye to paperwork

There’s nothing worse than trying to keep a stack of paperwork neat and organised when you’re a busy engineer. Keep all your oil certificates safe and all in one place.

Automatically populate known fields

Commusoft’s customer database will copy over your customer’s details when you start completing a new certificate, saving you time and stopping potential mistakes.

Email certificates on site

There’s no need to wait for the office to send your completed certificates to customers, you can email them out directly from the job site

Oil certificates

Oil certificates supported

We’ve been steadily adding to our number of supported oil certificates and we now allow you to create the following:

Oil firing servicing & commissioning report certificate

Oil certificates have never been easier to create

No one enjoys carting around stacks of paperwork. With digital copies stored safely in the cloud, you can access your customers’ certificates from anywhere with a mobile device. Even if your engineer is in a basement with no internet connection, Commusoft can facilitate the creation of new certificates, which will be uploaded when their connection returns.

Oil certificate preview

Project a professional image with branded documents

Your oil certificates can be configured to include your company name, logo and brand colours. As soon as they’re complete, they are attached to the customer account and accessible from the office. It’s then simply a case of sending the certificate to the customer, either as a PDF email attachment or in the post.

Oil certificate software customer details

Autocompleting customer data saves valuable time

All of Commusoft’s powerful features work together to create the smoothest possible experience for your engineers. The customer database will automatically populate known fields on your certificates, so you don’t need to spend time copying over customer details.

Oil certificate customer details

Capture digital signatures from customers

With certificates from Commusoft, you can digitally capture signatures from both the customer and your engineer with just a finger! No pen required.

Gas, fire, electrical industries

Our oil certificates are brilliant, but that’s not all we do…

If you’re also in the gas, electrical, or fire and security business, you’ll be happy to hear that we also provide digital certificates for those industries too.

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