Mobile Workforce Management

Manage your team with Commusoft's mobile app

Mobile workforce management is increasingly important for creating an efficient and profitable field service company. Commusoft's mobile app for iOS and Android offers an easy-to-use solution that helps get the most out of your team, no matter where they are. After all, your engineers already use their mobile devices in every aspect of their lives, so why not for their work too?

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Mobile workforce management

Go paperless

No engineer enjoys carrying stacks of papers between jobs. The Commusoft mobile app takes everything digital, keeping records safe, organised, and accessible from anywhere.

Real-time updates

With immediate notifications when changes are made to a job, your field and office staff can always stay on the same page and improve productivity.

Track your team

Mobile workforce management lets you track the time your engineers spend on site and travelling between jobs so you can easily create accurate time sheets and cost reports.

Key mobile app functions

  • Supports iOS & Android devices
  • Data syncs in real-time
  • Offline functionality
  • Create detailed job reports
  • Full customer database available
  • Invoice and add payments on site

Sync data in real time with our iOS and Android apps

Commusoft’s mobile app allows you to run your business wherever you and your staff are located. Any edits that you make through Commusoft sync in real time for both web and app users, ensuring everyone stays up to date with schedule and job status changes. Our iOS and Android mobile app runs on iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles, and Android tablets, so you can use whichever device you’re most comfortable with.

Mobile workforce management software without a connection

Get access from anywhere, even without a signal

Engineers work in various settings and there’s no guarantee of finding a 4G or WiFi signal. Luckily, that’s not an issue with Commusoft’s mobile field service software. Whilst some functions require internet access, you can still view important data, create documents, and complete jobs without any signal at all. Your app saves updates locally and automatically syncs with the office as soon as your connection returns.

Commusoft mobile app diary

Your diary travels with you

Any mobile workforce needs access to a reliable scheduling system. Commusoft’s mobile app puts your engineers’ full diaries in the palm of their hands, so they always know where they need to be. Mobile alerts immediately inform your team of new jobs created by the office and the app can also be used to raise jobs whilst on the move. Managers can opt for full access to the entire diary, allowing every engineer and job to be viewed and organised from the manager’s mobile app.

Job sheets and job reports

Detailed job reports made easy

Engineers can easily provide job details from site without countless pieces of paper. By controlling arrival and leave questions, which display on their device at the start and end of each job, you don’t have to worry about engineers forgetting to make the required records. All this information is automatically attached to the PDF job report alongside any site photos or digital signatures captured at the property. The engineer can then easily email a copy to the customer for their records.

Mobile workforce management made easy.

Invoicing software

Generate invoices and take payments on the go

When office staff handle all of the invoicing, it’s easy for them to get overloaded—resulting in invoices taking longer to send out. With the Commusoft mobile app, engineers can create and send invoices directly from the job site as soon as the work is complete. If you use a payment integration like SumUp, you can even empower engineers to take payment immediately as well. This is fantastic for staying on top of owed money and improving your cash flow.

Mobile app certificates

Create digital certificates and forms

The Commusoft app supports a number of industry-standard certificates including the Gas Safety Certificate, PAT Test Certificate, DEICR and many more. Engineers can input data directly into their mobile device to generate simple, branded certificates that can be emailed to customers while on site. Digital signature capture provides proof of competition from both the engineer and customer. Additionally, we offer custom forms so you can build and design your own forms to be deployed straight to engineers’ devices.

Access the customer database anywhere

Your full customer database, in your pocket

Alongside your diary, jobs, invoices, and much more, our app also gives your mobile workforce access to the entire customer database. Addresses and contacts, asset details, attached files and notes, as well as the full property history are all available with just a few taps. We’ve made it easy to find the customer you’re looking for with both text and voice search options. If you need to update any records or add new customers, you can do that too.

Mobile app automatically creates timesheets

Track time and job statuses automatically

Tracking the status of your work has never been easier. The mobile app powers your timesheets and keeps the office seamlessly updated with your progress. As engineers input actions such as ‘travelling’, ‘arriving’, or ‘leaving site’, these updates display on the diary in real time and automatically log against the engineer’s timesheet. With Commusoft’s mobile workforce management software, your team doesn’t have to worry about tedious admin or checking in regularly with the office—it’s all seamlessly automated.

Ready to empower engineers with a powerful mobile app?

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  • Automate Admin Tasks
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