Fire and Security Certificates

Discover a better way to manage fire and security certificates

Accurate, branded certificates are essential for fire and security businesses that want to project a professional image and attract profitable customers. Here’s how Commusoft can help.

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Reduce admin time

Dealing with paperwork eats up time in your engineers’ and office staff's day. Filling it out (not to mention keeping it neat and pristine), correctly organising it and finding somewhere to store it all, takes time. Going digital means saying goodbye to all that frustrating admin.

Automatically populate known fields

There’s no need to manually copy over all your customers' personal details to the fire and security certificate. The comprehensive customer database will automatically fill in all the already known information for you.

Instantly send certificates

Paper certificates need to be copied and physically sent to your customer. Modern fire and security businesses just don’t have time for that. With Commusoft, PDF copies can be instantly sent as an email attachment from any location.

Fire certificates available to complete in Commusoft

Supported fire and security certificates

We’re growing our number of supported fire and security certificates and are always looking for new ones to add. The certificates available in Commusoft are:

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Create digital fire and security certificates from any location

Your fire and security engineers have enough to take care of without needing to manage a duplicate pad of certificates that inevitably ends up dirty and dog-eared in the van. With the Commusoft mobile application, your engineers can forget the paperwork and begin easily creating clean and tidy digital fire and security certificates direct from the job site. Everything is stored safely in the cloud, meaning the moment the certificate is saved, it becomes available on the web app for office staff to review.

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Save time and reduce mistakes with accurate data

Commusoft is an all-in-one job management system with features that work together to create the smoothest possible experience for your engineers. This means that the customer database will automatically ensure that all known customer details are included on the certificate before the engineer begins filling it out. There’s no need to waste time copying over details or risk adding mistakes that could make the certificate inaccurate or even invalid.

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Look more professional

With Commusoft, even small fire and security businesses can look well-established and professional thanks to certificate templates that are branded with your company colours and accreditation logos. They’re much more eye-catching than generic certificates and your customers are sure to appreciate the personal touch.

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No more pens

With the Commusoft mobile app, your customers can digitally sign certificates at the job site as soon as they’re complete. They simply use their finger or a stylus on the screen. As soon as the signature is added by the customer and the engineer, everything is legally compliant.


Our fire and security certificates are fantastic, but we also support other industries…

If you’re also in the electrical, gas, oil or property maintenance business, you’ll be happy to hear that our application also provides digital certificates for those industries. Just like our fire and security certificates, these are fully compliant and meet the standards for each individual industry.

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