Alerts and Notifications

Communicate effectively with customer alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications provide customers with helpful messages so they can stay on top of their appointments. With Commusoft, you can send personalised reminders, confirmations, messages, and alerts to customers right from your job management software. We automate many of these processes, so handling customer communications is a breeze.

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Customer alerts and notifications


Using message templates helps avoid recreating the same message over and over. Also, you can set certain communications to automatically send.


View all your communications against each customer account. A comprehensive history allows you to easily remember what was said when and by who.


Customers have a lot going on. By sending helpful alerts and notifications, you remind them of key details and help them prepare for appointments.

Customer alerts made simple

  • Easily send emails and text messages
  • Automatic reminders & confirmations
  • Convenient 'on the way' messages
  • All communications logged for reference
Send email and SMS alerts and notifiations

Send emails, text messages, and letters

Communication is central to your relationship with your customers. To ensure you communicate with customers on their terms, you can send emails, text messages (SMS credits required), or printed letters, depending on their preferences. We allow you to set which customers receive which mediums of communication. Many customer alerts and notifications in Commusoft are automated so you don’t have to lift a finger, though you can always get in contact with customers using the built-in email and text message system.

Automated alerts and notifications

Automated alerts and notifications

Writing email after email is a waste of time, especially if you’re making the effort to personalise your communications with specific customer and job details. Commusoft allows you to set up templates for the various alerts and notifications that the system sends out, ensuring that the right message for the occasion is sent every time. To elevate the customer experience further, you can easily personalise your communications with tags. These tags automatically pull through relevant customer information such as name, address, service date, invoice total, and more.

Customer confirmations and reminders

Keep customers updated with confirmations and reminders

Commusoft automatically generates confirmations and reminders based on your message templates. When a job is booked, you can choose to send a confirmation message that provides the customer with a record of the appointment date, time, and any other details. The reminder sends automatically before an appointment based on the chosen time interval. It’s ideal for refreshing the customer’s memory and reducing the risk of being unable to access the property on the day.

Want to see how our alerts and notifications can improve your customer communication?

Engineer profile portal communications

Impress customers with an 'on the way' message

The ‘on the way’ message lets the customer know when the engineer is en route to their property and can help reduce no access jobs whilst improving customer experience. This automated text message is triggered when the engineer taps the ‘Travel’ button in the mobile app. With Commusoft’s real-time vehicle tracking, this feature can be upgraded to also include our ‘Uber-style’ engineer profile portal, which shares the engineer’s live location as they travel.

Track all communication logs

Commusoft logs every customer interaction

Commusoft records every alert and notification you send to your customers. This centralises all of your correspondence and gives your employees access to the complete customer history. Our communication logs are ordered by date and are fully searchable, so staff can be prepared to answer customer queries quickly and accurately. You can easily send new communications, add notes, or log phone calls, too.

Reduce stationery costs with print and post

Some customers need to receive their communications by post, and others simply prefer it. To help you serve these customers and streamline your admin, we offer a print and post service that can send any of your communications by post. We’ve partnered with an industry-leading mail management company that will print the letter, fill and stamp the envelope, and finally put it in the post. Each letter has a flat rate cost, but saves you time and reduces stationery costs in the long run.

Ready to start automating your alerts and notifications?

  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Automate Admin Tasks
  • Improve Customer Journeys